HOUSTON -- A Channelview family already down on their luck says now they ve lost everything to a thief. They had been living in their truck before it was stolen outside of East Houston Regional Medical Center.

It happened on Tuesday around 4:45 p.m. in the parking lot at 13111 East Freeway.

Ronald Wise, 60, and his wife Debra, 56, were at the hospital seeking treatment for their 36-year-old son Shaun.

While they were inside the hospital, a criminal was driving away with their truck, and all of their belongings that were inside.

All of our possessions were in it, from our phone charger to our clothes, said father Ronald Wise. It s crazy. This is something I never thought would happen to us.

Ronald Wise and his wife Debra are both disabled.

According to the family, things began to spiral downward when Ronald suffered a spinal injury a decade ago. The Wise family says year after year, things have been going downhill.

The family that once had a home has recently been living with friends.

For the last week, they were living in the pickup truck.

They took our home. I know that s not much to anybody, but it s a whole lot to us, explained Ronald Wise.

Their son Shaun claims he s had trouble finding steady work too.

It can happen within the blink of an eye, said Shaun Wise, who was being treated for a foot infection at the hospital. This seems like a big nightmare that someday I ll wake up from, but it never does.

They left the hospital on Wednesday afternoon with only a bag of toiletries and a few other belongings.

The family wants the thief to know that he s taken more than just their means of transportation. He s taken their home.

We did have a place to lay our head at night and start over the next day. Now, we don t have that, said mother Debra Wise.

Ronald Wise says a hospital security staff member showed him video of the truck pulling out of the lot.

The hospital refused to share that video with KHOU. Tracy Dillard, a spokesperson for the hospital, released the following statement to KHOU:

The hospital routinely patrols its campus, including its parking lots. Surveillance cameras are installed on the exterior of the hospital. This specific incident reported was not caught on camera. The hospital is cooperating with the local law enforcement. We regret this unfortunate loss.

Star of Hope has offered to figure something out for the Wise family as they try to get back on their feet.

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