HOUSTON -- The Houston Texans announced their new cheerleaders for the 2014-2015 season on Wednesday evening.

Fifty-two girls showed up for the ceremony hoping to have something to cheer about, but only 35 girls made the cut.

You're standing there hearing every syllable, hoping it's your name, said Elizabeth.

This year's squad has reason to be especially proud because 1,033 girls tried out this year, that's the largest group ever.

Click here to meet the 2014 Texans Cheerleaders.

Girls like Sarah C. made the cut. This was her second time trying out.

I was here when the Texans started, this is that little 10-year-old girl's dream, said Sarah C.

There's three Sarah's on the team this year, but only one Elizabeth. She made the squad on her first try.

I'm really glad I came out, said Elizabeth. I don't know what to think I'm just so happy to be holding these pom-poms.

Rachel is from Fort Worth, Texas. She also made the squad, and now has to move down to Houston.

I'm just so excited, said Rachel. To cheer for an NFL team and be a part of this, it's amazing.

Here's the list of your new Texans Cheerleaders: Karrie, Bethany, Osmara, Madison, Ashley, Rebecca, Sarah C., Kelli, Kimberly, Crystal, Krystal, Rachel, Lesha, Cassandra, Sarah M., Shannon, Antonieta, Laurel, Libby, Natsuki, Jessica, Caitlyn, Delaney, Gelesann, Allison, Liz, Brittany M., Brittan, Daranesha, Kristy, Amelia, Elizabeth, Sarah F., Roxana.

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