HOUSTON -- The people living in the Allison Acres Mobile Home Park were on edge Thursday, after two men terrorized them earlyin themorning.

Gun point at my head. Saying, Give meall the money you have, or I will shoot you right now, said one victim, who wanted to remain anonymous.

At 5:45 a.m. a family was leaving for school when the thieves ran up to them with guns drawn and demanded money. The men took cell phones and wallets.

Two guys jump out of the sides pointing guns at my dad and my sister, and they were willing to shoot them over material stuff, said the anonymous resident.

The men didn t stop at that unit, they went on to a second unit where they stole cell phones and car keys and took a white Chevy Impala.

Then themenwent to a unit where one woman was taking out the trash. She said they threatened her with guns, stole her keys and then kicked down the door.

Her children were inside and the men fled after they didn't find anything they wanted. The children were not harmed.

HPD said the suspects fled in the stolen white Chevy Impala and have not been located.

The neighbors just across the street said they woke up after hearing the screaming.

I mean I'm scared. I have my girls. I have children here and I'm scared. They don't want to stay by themselvesanymore because they're scared something is going to happen, said Maria Ayala, a resident.

But apparently, this is not the first time it has happened in the community. It was just last year when another woman s home was broken into the first time.

They took my purse. They broke my door and my kids were inside and they were scared, the victim said.

Ayala said she was unhappy with the management because they were not doing anything to make the community safer, even after residents made requests.

We want cameras. We want somebody to be out here. Having security here, said Ayala.

Now more than ever the community is joining together.

They want to do something. Get together and see what we can do to make this community better. Safer, said Ayala.

KHOU has reached out the management company to find out if there are plans to increase security at Allison Acres mobile home park, and had yet to hear back as of 4 p.m. Thursday.

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