LEAGUE CITY, Texas -- She's had more hours of surgery than many adults, but Kenzi Plass is still smiling.

That smile will light up a room, said her grandmother, Traci Garcia. She is the joy of the family.

It appeared the 2-year old is the joy of League City too. People showed up to the family's business, The Man Cave cigar shop, for a fundraiser.

I have people walk in every day and put money in a bowl for her, said Kenzi's great uncle Cliff O'Quinn.

Last month, Chelsi Camp was dog sitting her boyfriend's pit bull and it snapped, attacking her little girl.

The dog evidently came in the bathroom was smelling them and then just flipped, said Garcia. It got Kenzi by the back of the head, her hair, and then yanked her and then the fight was on.

That's when Garcia said her daughter kicked into mama bear mode.

She saved the baby actually, Garcia said. I mean there's no doubt in my mind. She shoved her fist down the dog's throat. She bit the dog's ear off.

In the middle of the fight, Camp managed to call 911 and both were rushed to the hospital.

The dog was later put down.

Both mother and daughter are now recovering at home, but the bills are piling up. Camp has insurance but is struggling to afford the 20 percent she's required to pay.

That's where her friends, family and strangers are stepping in.

Between online donation and fundraisers, they've already raised more than $20,000.

People were donating all the way from Singapore, said Camp's cousin Chance Forman. It was kind of crazy.

As for Kenzi, her grandmother believes her survival was in the hands of a higher power.

I think God touched the doctors' hands and then they touched her, said Garcia. That's what I believe because we have a very happy ending.

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