BAYTOWN, Texas -- A Baytown woman is vocalizing a lot of concern after roving dogs mauled two miniature donkeys on her ten acre property.

It happened this past Monday outside her home on Sjolander Road.

Suzanne Black saw at least three black dogs sinking their teeth into the two donkeys. She believes the dogs would have killed the donkeys if she hadn t brought out her shotgun and reacted quickly.

When I started banging the bucket, the dogs took a turn to me, took a short run at me, and then I fired the shotgun and they ran, said Suzanne Black. It s horrible, such a vicious attack. It s senseless.

Black says several of her geese have recently turned up dead. She believes these same dogs are responsible.

She s especially worried because Gentry Middle School is located right next door.

Watch your kids. You have to watch your kids in this area, said Black.

Black s neighbor is anxious as well.

She says the attack happened around the same time that Gentry High students are playing sports outdoors.

If a dog will run at a donkey and try to bring a donkey down, these children are out here playing, what would be the difference, said neighbor Cheryl Fayle Ramquist. If a child is running, they will go after them.

Neighbors believe the dogs belong to somebody because the animals had spiked collars on.

According to Black, animal control responded to her home three days after the mauling and gave her traps.

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