LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas -- A frightening situation in Liberty County after a man stormed into a family's home pretending to be a cop. That man is still on the loose.

I was sitting right there, said John Sellers. He stood right inside the door.

Sellers didn't know what to think when a man dressed like a cop barged through his doorway.

I thought it was a real police officer, said Sellers. I thought he was going to ask me a question. But this guy didn't ask a question. He started yelling.

He started talking about if you see a crime, you're just as guilty as the other guy if you don't report it', said Sellers.

He didn't sound like a cop. But Sellers says the man in his doorway definitely looked like one.

He was dressed up like a cop, he had the handcuffs, the holster, the gun, he said. He had a name tag, said J.J Edwards on it. But no badge.

The scanner noise coming from inside Sellers' house spooked the fraud out of his home. The man reportedly jumped into a newer black Tahoe. Now Liberty County Sheriff's deputies want to find the fake.

These wannabes, and I don't know what else you would call them, have taken this to an extreme, said Capt. Ken DeFoor.

No J.J. Edwards has ever worked in Liberty County. Whoever this was wore an old Liberty County Sheriff's tan uniform, patches and all, but it's a uniform that was phased out by the department five months ago. Now they wear blue. In fact, a lot of the old patches and uniforms were burned when they became too worn. But the Sheriff's office not ruling out another possibility.

We've had homes of deputies burglarized in the past, said DeFoor. So it's conceivable they stole a shirt from one of the homes.

It's why it's a major concern for deputies and no laughing matter for Sellers.

I don't know if someone was trying to pull a bad joke, but it wasn't funny, he said. There ain't no telling what he's up to, so I hope they find him.

The subject was described by the home owner as a white male in his late 20 s or early 30 s, 5 -7 with an average build, clean shaven.

Sheriff Bobby Rader is asking the public to be very cautious if they should encounter this impersonator and to report any contact that anyone may have had in the past with a subject who fits this description or circumstances to the Liberty County Sheriff s Department at (936) 336-4500.

If and when this suspect is arrested, he will be charged with impersonating a peace officer and burglary of a habitat.

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