KATY, Texas Fort Bend County Crimes Stoppers asking for the public s help in a construction site theft case in the Katy area.

According to the Fort Bend County Sheriff s Office, deputies were called to a construction site in the 11100 block of Saronno Drive in the Richmond area just before 8 a.m. on March 12 concerning the theft of some materials.

Deputies learned that a van was stuck near the worksite and it was loaded with construction material taken from different residences, which are under construction.

The suspect waved down a wrecker, which pulled the van out of the muddy ditch just five minutes before the deputy arrived.

Using his cell phone, a worker onsite recorded the van being extracted from the ditch, deputies said. The worker followed the van, and while he was doing so, a second suspect driving a white Chevrolet Tahoe tried to intervene. The Tahoe finally pulled away.

The worker eventually found the van abandoned on South Fry Road with all the stolen materials, with an estimated value of more than $2,300, still inside the vehicle.

The wrecker driver said the man who called him to the scene didn t pay him.

A description of the driver of the Tahoe is not available, but the driver of the van is described as a young, heavy-set Hispanic male with multiple tattoos.

Information which leads to the apprehension and filing of charges on the suspects involved could earn a reward of up to $5,000.

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