HOUSTON -- Dennis Laviage, owner of C & D Scrap Metal, has been in business for 35 years. Burglaries at his business have been an ongoing problem.

I work every day, said Laviage. These guys need to work also.

He hopes a recent arrest will help deter other repeat and would-be thieves.

It was all caught on surveillance video.

A man is seen hopping an 8-foot fence with barbed wire and razor ribbon and walking around the yard, before an HPD officer working the security corners the man and arrests him.

Laviage says 33-year old Jorge Flores is a repeat offender, and he is hoping older surveillance video will help build a bigger case against him.

But as his sifts through surveillance photos of other people who have broken into his yard, he every break-in is costing him.

I ve already spent $150,000 on cameras, fences, razor ribbon, barbed wire, said Laviage. I have a jail system and 17 locks to get in here.

He s had other arrests in the past, but Laviage says his focus is on repeat offenders.

I just keep arresting them, it s like roaches, said Laviage.

An off-duty officer patrols the businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

According to HPD, there hasn t been an increase in scrap metal theft, but detectives say it s a common crime: thieves steal from one yard and sell goods to another yard.

But Laviage has a warning for those who keep striking his business.

It s may not be the first time, but I promise you by the 5th or 6th time, I m going to catch them, said Laviage.

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