HOUSTON If you ever feel too old to chase your passion, Marshall Lerman deserves your attention. In his home, kids learn early how to listen to their heart.

There s always people that are going to say it s not possible (to realize your dream), Lerman said. People said to me you re crazy. It s impossible. It can t be done. You re too old. It s too much money. It s this. It s that. No.

Lerman, a University of Texas graduate, earned a Georgetown law degree. He worked with firms in Dallas. Then, a couple of foster child cases and interaction with his daughter Leyla s pediatrician changed his heart.

I just thought what a wonderful way you can connect and treat and help generations, Lerman said.

Being a doctor requires money law school loans and children rarely afford.

My wonderful wife just said it s a little crazy, but if this is what you want, I believe in you, Lerman said.

It wasn t a no, his wife, Amy, said. It was a this is how old you are. We better get started.

Eight years and one baby later, Marshall at age 37 is about to take his family on another journey.

I feel like we re standing right at the cusp and just waiting to hold that envelope, Amy Lerman said.

Match Day unites graduating medical students around the country with residency training programs. According to the National Resident Matching Program data, nearly one in three 2013 grads did not find a match.

Some of my classmates applied to over a hundred places, said Mark Gold, 2014 class president at UT Health.

Gold gets to read all 240 names matched, including Lerman, at UT Health.

We ll find out where me and my class are going, Gold said. We ve been waiting for this for four years. So, there s so much excitement.

Marshall Lerman knows his family will land in San Antonio, Dallas or Houston. Unlike classmates, he could only apply to training programs in those cities because he needs to keep his family in Texas. So, just knowing he found a match is a relief.

We know he s going to be a doctor, Amy Lerman said. We know he has a job. He has a job!

Wherever they go, Lerman plans to follow his heart and encourage others to do the same.

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