HOUSTON According to the Houston SPCA, the injured bald eagle had to be euthanized Thursday morning due to her extensive and overwhelming injuries.


A rescued bald eagle arrived at Texas A&M University s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences Wednesday afternoon.

The eagle was in very critical condition upon its arrival at Texas A&M.

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A concerned citizen called the Houston SPCA after spotting the eagle down in a neighborhood. The SPCA provided treatment for the bald eagle, which suffered some type of shock, before it was transfered to Texas A&M for continued care.

He had a very large laceration on his left wing, his left wing was hanging, said SPCA staff veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Hoggard. There may be some shoulder injury, he had a couple of other injuries on his chest, and there were some singed feathers as well.

Houston SPCA Veterinarian Dr. Cheryl Hoggard, assisted Margaret Pickell of The Wildlife Center of Texas, examining the bird, administering fluids and stabilizing it prior to transport.

Because it is an eagle, it s our national bird, we are all very excited to get him in, get him stabilized and hopefully get him back on his way, said Pickell.

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