SAN ANTONIO -- A work release inmate at Bexar County Jail died at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Monday.

Pedro Martinez, 73,was admitted to the hospital on Feb. 21 after he said he had chest pains, according to a release. He then had open heart surgery.

Doctors ruled his preliminary cause of death as heart failure and pronounced him dead around 4 p.m.

Martinez was sentenced to work release on Dec. 17, 2013 for probation on a DWI charge and had a scheduled release date of June 14, 2014. Even though he died in a hospital and not in jail, his death is considered an in-custody death.

The work release program is a post adjudication program that allows people to still work and return to jail each night, according to a release. The convicted person is allowed to earn an income, reimburse victims and pay court costs.

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