HOUSTON The overnight freezing temperatures left a mess in the Cypress area Tuesday.
For one neighbor, the cold temps sparked panic.

I looked out back and my tree was on fire, said Gary Rader, a Cypress resident. Evidently overnight, a lot of ice had formed and weighed down the tree and then the power lines got involved.

The fire was put out, but it caused a power outage for him and his neighbors. Outside of that neighborhood, just about 22,000 Centerpoint customers were without power at 11:45a.m. That number decreased as the day continued.

We ve been without power since 4 o clock this morning and it s freezing. We don t have heat at all, said Theresa Martinez, Rader s neighbor.

Centerpoint Energy came to trim the trees, to keep them from making contact with the power lines.

As the ice began to thaw, Centerpoint Energy worked to restore the power.

Neighbors said they hope this will be the last of the icy temperatures this winter.

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