HOUSTON Charges have been filed against a man who slit his estranged wife s throat, then left her dead body in a pickup truck in southwest Houston, according to Houston police.

Alan Fabricio Fernandez, 24, was charged with murder.

The body of Abigail Christine Owens was found in the 5500 block of Pine Street on November 15, 2013. They believe she was murdered on November 9, the same day she was reported missing by her mother. The last time anyone had heard from her was on a Facebook post made on November 7. She disappeared after that, along with her boyfriend s 2002 Dodge pickup truck.

According to documents, the man who found the body admitted he opened the pickup truck with the intent to steal a rifle he saw in the back compartment. Once inside, he found Owens body lying on the front floorboard underneath a pile of clothing. Blood was everywhere. The man immediately flagged down a police officer after that.

Owens mother told police that Fernandez had been constantly harassing her daughter. Fernandez s mother and sister told police that he called them on November 9 saying he was at the Mexican border and had slit his wife s throat in self defense. He claimed it was an accident, investigators said.

An autopsy conducted by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences revealed that Owens throat was slashed and stabbed on both sides several times. They ruled it was not accidental.

Fernandez remains on the loose.

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