A new challenger stepped into the ring in the pricing boxing match between AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon on Thursday confirmed the rumors are true with the launch of its More Everything promotion. It offers more monthly data, 25GB of cloud storage, and unlimited international messaging.

The plan goes into effect immediately. In fact, I opened up my Verizon app this morning and found my 1GB monthly plan is now a 2GB plan at no extra charge.

Verizon was the first wireless carrier to let its customers share data among devices, and our customers have told us they love it, said Krista Bourne, president for Verizon Wireless in Houston/Gulf Coast. Our MORE Everything plans are designed to give customers even more value with the reliable wireless network they trust.

Under the new plan, Edge customers (which is a monthly payment option for those who want to upgrade their phones early) will get $10 off of their monthly bill if they choose up to 8GB of data.

Verizon is also increasing the amount of data for some existing plans. The $40, 500MB plan will now come with 1GB of data. The $50 plan now has 2GB and the $60 plan jumps from 2GB to 3GB.

AT&T also recently introduced new offers and lower pricing, but T-Mobile, on paper, still has the best deals.

Testing has shown that in the Houston area, Verizon has the best coverage while AT&T has faster 4G speeds. My recommendation: ask your neighbors and co-workers which company they use. Make sure the service is good where you spend most of your time, since coverage can vary from block to block.

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