LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The scrap books stacked inside the Carnal home in Henry Co., Ky. tell the story.

Tiffany Carnal said Bonnie Lynn talked about her bucket list every day.

She lived for the bucket list, Carnal said.

One month ago, Bonnie Lynn, 40, diedof complicationsfrom breast cancer.

The scrapbooked photos show the smiles and the miles traveled, and the friends Bonnie met along the way.

Carnal said Bonnie was a foster kid who had never really been anywhere.

She was put into my life to be blessed, she said. Plain and simple.

When Carnal found out her long-time friend Bonnie was diagnosed with breast cancer, they made a pact. They decided to stop thinking about dying and to smile every day.They decided to create Bonnie s bucket list.It was everything Bonnie wanted to do while she still had time.

She took about a week to make her list, Carnal said. She thought real hard on it.

Bonnie list included 30 wishes in all including a trip Disney World and a good spaghetti dinner.

Now, here is Bonnie s Bucket List.
She was a princess for a day. She saw the ocean and had a birthday party.
She had a horse and buggy ride, swam with the dolphins and saw animals in the wild.
Bonnie went to a day spa and to California where she walked on the Hollywood walk of fame.
She wanted to meet Melissa Swan. Yes, I was honored to be included on Bonnie s List. We had a great time.
Bonnie was crowned a beauty queen and went to the Dixie Stampede.
She was a model for a day. She gave toys to cancer patients and ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory, her favorite place.
Bonnie got gifts from Garth Brooks and she met Rick Pitinio.
She went on a day cruise and to a country concert. She volunteered at an animal shelter and got a makeover. Bonnie saw old friends and met new ones.
She went to Carlos Bakery the one from the show Cake Boss.
She spent time in New York City. She played family feud and was queen for a day.
She asked to experience new things, go on a vacation and bless others.
If you lost count that was 30 events 30 blessings.
The bucket list was completed 9 days before Bonnie died.

Carnal said is was a phenomenal experience.

Watching her smile and get to do things she has never got to before and that the end of her life was happy, truly happy, she said.

Before she died, Bonnie lived with the Carnal family. She had cared for the Carnal children when they were young. At the end, they were helping her.

Bruce and Tiffany Carnal said their children William, 12, Lyndi, 14, and Casie, 20, have all seen life and death. They have seen the full circle.

And they will always remember the list.

When we went to New York again, that was cool watching her see that and the beach. I love her expression when she saw that, Lyndi said.

The family didn t really think all thirty blessings would be completed, but through social media connections and military pals, friends far and near, it happened.

From the beginning the bucket list was called, Bonnie s Blessings. Now, nearly eight months after it all began, the family knows it was a perfect name.

It wasn t just Bonnie. They say they were all blessed.

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