HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- The Harris County Sheriff s office is turning to the Asian community to help solve a case involving the murder of a family from Cypress.

International TV and The Chinese channel has also been covering the murders on the radio and in the community s newspaper.

The news team here started broadcasting information about the murder on the airwaves in Chinese here in Houston.

The family of four was murdered last Thursday in Cypress.

The 50-year-old father, his wife, and their elementary-aged boys had all been shot in the head. There were no signs of forced entry at home.

The murders have been the lead story at International TV.

Reporters here tell us the family was all alone in this country so reporters have been spreading the word trying to help find relatives in China.

So there s no one they can rely on, said Tiffany Zhang. This is just a single family here. So we just try to do from the outside as brothers and sisters to do things we can.

The local Chinese TV station is reporting that family members of the victims have been contacted in China.

A brother and sister are working to get a Visa to come and officially identify and claim the bodies, but it could be days before they arrive.

The Chinese community is organizing a memorial service that will take place this weekend.

They are also asking anyone with information about the murders to please contact the Harris County Sheriff s Department.

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