HOUSTON A fast-acting mom dialed 911 when she heard someone breaking into her northeast Houston home where she and her kids were sleeping.

Alondra Nunez and her sister were sleeping in their beds on Galaxy Street early Wednesday morning, when a man broke through the back door and ransacked the place.

Their five young children were also home at the time and asleep.

The sisters do not know what the man was looking for, or why he chose their home, but they feared for their safety.

I m very scared, Nunez said. And we called the police and they come in.

Nunez said she used the speaker function on her cell phone to call 911. Her children did not know what was happening.

They re sleeping, they didn t wake up, she said.

Fortunately an officer was close by and caught the suspect as he tried to leave the home.

People living in the neighborhood say break-ins are nothing new.

Some blame the foot traffic from nearby woods. Nunez s next door neighbors say their home has been broken into twice.

We told the cops, you know, you make reports and everything, Lisa Acuna said. But look at the neighborhood. Just because it s a bad neighborhood they don t pay attention.

Nunez is simply happy that nothing was taken and no one was hurt.

At the same time, she will be keeping her phone close in the event of another emergency.

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