HOUSTON Classes were canceled at Sam Houston State University Friday so students were using the time to enjoy some snow on a campus hill.

They grabbed laundry baskets, lids, boxes anything they could turn intomake shift sleds.

I just had one in my closet and said this would be perfect for sledding, so we came out with a laundry basket and it s been very successful for sledding, Sultana Jiron, a SHSU student, said.

It started with a small group and then quickly grew to big crowd of students taking advantage of the temporary Sam Houston snow slope.

Well, it s snow! How often do we really get in snow here in Texas? Like never, said Rachel Moreno, a SHSU student.

Jiron agreed.

Oh I love it, snow is wonderful, we don t get it here often enough, so it s really great to play with snow, she said.

Some students, especially those from other countries, said this is the first time they ve seen snow, so when it fell, they just had to experience it.

It was like so shocking, I grabbed my phone and just ran here. Yeah the experience outside, much more fun than homework inside, Martin Devera, a student from the Philippines, said.


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