MANVEL, Texas -- A fire sent smoke across the sky Wednesday morning in Manvel. It could be seen all along Highway 288.

It came from the home of the town s former mayor, Merle Bradley.

Bradley and his wife Judy said they were just waking up when they smelled smoke and heard what sounded like somebody walking on their roof.

The next thing they say they heard was a knock at the door. It was a neighbor telling them that their garage was on fire.

It eventually burned to the ground.

You go down one path until you get led to another, Judy Bradley said. And then you decide what you re going to do.

Many of their neighbors along Patterson Road heard loud explosions.

Sounded like somebody was on the roof, fireworks going off, or gunshots, Merle Bradley said.

No one is sure how the fire started, however the Bradley s believe it was something electrical. They say they will now miss their cars, tools and jewelry which were lost.

Many people know the couple because Merle once served as Manvel s mayor and Judy was a teacher for 35 years.

They say they lived in their home for the past 45 years and that they had insurance.

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