KATY - Eric Hunt wants everyone to know that in his brand of wrestling... We don t use chairs for one, Hunts said with a smile.

All kidding aside, what the senior does in the circle is no laughing matter, coming into this past week, Eric was sporting a 36-1 record with 23 takedowns. He has 95 career wins and throughout it all, he s kept one thing in mind.

You can never leave it up to the refs, you have to go out there and leave it all on the mat, Hunt said. You re the one that s going to make the decision if you win or lose. You get all the glory and when you lose, it s on you too so that means you have to work harder.

Eric s devotion to becoming the best is evident and that passion he has for the sport was instilled by someone who knows a thing or two about it.

My dad was a wrestler which got me into it a little bit early, Hunt said. I ve always liked it, I ve always been into MMA and things like that plus football wasn t really my thing this year.

While individual success is key, Eric takes pride in what s he s help build at Seven Lakes hoping it s just the beginning for his soon to be alma mater.

This legacy that we re going to have it s a really great experience, Hunt said. I love coach Demarchi, he s taught me so much and he s like a father to me and I really love it.

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