The new mobile app Lulu helps women by getting back at their ex. The app is free and it allows ladies to rate their ex s anonymously.

I'm not really in favor of anything that's anonymous, said Ricardo Nuila. I think people should take responsibility and have the bravery to put their name on it.

Once downloaded, users take a multiple choice quiz, add hashtags and then a score is calculated based on the information provided and the guy is ranked on a scale from 1 to 10.

I guess it can be a positive thing, said Susanna Carillo. I guess for women to have that outlook, that voice to warn each other, especially if you have a horrible experience with an ex.

Some men and women believe it is a little crazy to rely on the posts alone.

Men can leave their own posts, but they re not reflected in their overall score.

I really wouldn't want to participate in it, said Chris Mayo.

However, some women see it as a potentially helpful tool they could use with caution.

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