HOUSTON -- A group of neighbors in the Alief subdivision of Cedar Springs plan to fight the HOA to keep their burglar bars.

They are on all the windows and doors of Tony Vo's house.

All of them, he pointed around the downstairs. All the windows and the front door and the back door.

His family paid $2,000 for the installation two years ago and no one seemed to have a problem with them until late November.

From the beginning, they should let us know, Vo said. I don't know why until now after two years.

The family installed the bars after Vo's niece got home to find burglars cleaning out the house.

Michelle Le noticed they broke in through the back door.

They broke the glass and opened it. Le said.

Since then, the bars have added an extra layer of security at more than a dozen home in this neighborhood.

I don't understand why we got this letter initially this time, said neighbor Balaji Ramarao. The bars are inside and it doesn't have any effect if you look from outside.

Vo believes the bars aren't bothering anyone but the bad guys and the HOA, and he won't take his down.

We're not going to do it, Vo insisted.

The HOA said in the letter than they want to preserve a desired standard and promote increased home values, and the bars have to go within ten days or homeowners must request a hearing with the board regarding the matter.

The Vo family plans to band together with other neighbors to make sure everyone gets to keep their burglar bars.

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