In movies and television, Heaven is typically depicted as a place filled with clouds and soft music, but here in the real world our views on Heaven are more diverse.

Some people believe they have gotten a preview of Heaven.

One Austin teenager who was born with a serious heart condition, posted a video on YouTube in 2011 describing Heaven. He said he was there while in cardiac arrest. He said it was a white room and said, I didn't want to leave that place, I wish I never woke up.

Even people who are not religious have a fundamental belief that there is something more beyond this life.

I think that's just simply something indigenous to the human heart that wants something better, said theologian Dr. Elliott Greene.

The Bible paints a picture of Heaven but in broad strokes. Greene said scripture doesn't go into specific details about everyday life in the afterlife.

That remains a mystery but I don't think you will have the Monday morning blues, you won't have Hump Day, with the stresses, I think that will be absent, Greene said.

The Bible says there will be no darkness in Heaven, no pain and no sickness.

Dorris Ellis is looking forward to a Heavenly reunion with her husband.

In the last two years, this Houston community activist has lost both her husband and her son to illness. She plans on seeing them again.

I think so, not only them I look forward to seeing my grandparents, my dad, mother. We have a big family and by the time I make my trip around the houses of Heaven it's going to take awhile, Ellis said.

Christian or not, those who believe in the afterlife, have one thing in common -- they all think, the next life will be better.

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