FRIENDSWOOD, Texas -- Police say the driver of a dark blue Hummer H3 that rolled over along FM-518 near West Ranch Drive just before 2 a.m. on Saturday could face felony charges. But the youngman's attorney said he did nothing wrong.

When police arrived, the airbags were deployed and there was blood in the Hummer, but the driver and passengers were gone.

While police were on the scene, a call was placed from the nearby West Ranch subdivision to report a man running with someone on his back.

The call came from a house in the 2300 block of Opal Springs Lane after a man knocked on the door.

My thought immediately was -- I had to turn the light on so they would know somebody was home, said the homeowner who didn't want to be identified. I thought somebody might be trying to break in to see if somebody was here, so that's why we turned the light on so quick.

But the 20-year-old driver was at the door alone and allegedly wouldn't explain what was going on.

My husband went to the door -- he just kept 'saying please help me, I need help,' said the woman. My husband said, 'you better leave I'm calling the police.'

While the homeowner was on the 911 call, she watched the stranger grab something off the driveway as the dispatcher told her about the rollover that happened less than a mile away.

We figured right then that it was him, and then we realized, 'oh my gosh, it's a girl he's carrying her piggy back on his back in front of our house,' she said.

Police say the driver ran to another house under construction. The garage was open and a staircase inside led to an attic, and that's where police later found the 17-year-old girl alone with a broken pelvis.

The girl, who is from League City, was able to identify the people in the vehicle with her.

Police said the suspected driver, a Friendswood man, and other occupants in the vehicle may face felony charges of failing to stop and render aid.

In an e-mail to KHOU11 News after our first report aired, criminal defense attorney Brendan Daly said he represents the young driver accused in the crash. He said his client has been in contact with police, and a time was set for him to turn himself in.

Daly also dismissed reports that his client abandoned the woman in the home.

My client, who was injured himself, carried this young lady on his back from the crash scene for over a mile to get her help, said Daly. When he begged and pleaded for help from the homeowners that you featured on the news tonight, he was turned away. Unable to carry her any further, my client placed the injured teen in the safest place he could find, so that he could continue seeking help for her.

Daly said the driver walked another four miles to get to a phone where he called for help again and learned the young lady had already been picked up by an ambulance.

If that's not rendering aid, then I don't know what is, said Daly in the email.

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