PEARLAND, Texas -- A Pearland family is desperate for answers after their two beloved miniature ponies vanished without a trace.

Christopher Douglas-Lopez, 10, saw Gizzmo and Lemondrop around 8:30 Thursday night when he went out back to check up on his family s animals.

The tiny horses were nowhere to be found when he woke up for school the next day.

His mother has filed a report with the Brazoria County Sherriff s Office.

She has searched the entire neighborhood and doesn t know what to do next.

I m worried to death about them. What if they got into the wrong hands? [What] if somebody is going to torture them, questioned Chauntae Douglas-Moreno. You don t know. There are so many sick people in this world.

Douglas-Moreno believes there s no way the little ponies could ve escaped on their own. She says their gate had been latched shut.

The gate was pushed in and it wasn t put out, explained Douglas-Moreno. Who could just come in my backyard and do that?

The ponies pen is visible from the street. Douglas-Moreno thinks maybe somebody saw the tiny horses while passing by.

She describes her four kids as devastated by the disappearance of Gizmo and Lemondrop.

Please bring them back because I love them with my heart, Douglas-Lopez said.

The family owns all sorts of animals, and these mini ponies belong to the children.

They don t come home and play video games. They come out and play with the animals, mom added. They re taking from kids. It s not right.

Douglas-Moreno said the mini ponies are worth approximately $1500 each.

If you ve seen them, you re asked to call the Brazoria County Sherriff s Office.

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