HOUSTON Grammy winner Patti LaBelle s son took the stand Friday in a Houston courtroom to testify in defense of his mom s bodyguard.

Zuri Edwards said he felt he was in danger the night he said a man tried to get into his mother s limo at Houston s Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Efrom Holmes, the bodyguard, then took the stand. The 45-year-old man surprised the courtroom, when he began to tear up.

When his attorney asked why he was so emotional, the 6-foot-3, 350 pound man said, I m trying to figure out why those pictures weren t in there before.

He was referring to grainy still photos which had been enhanced by the defense. They were taken from surveillance video, purportedly showing Richard King in a scuffle with the body guard and LaBelle s son.

Holmes said he was trying to keep the West Point Cadet from getting into LaBelle s limo.

King, who was 23 at the time, denied starting the fight, but admitted he had been drinking before walking up to the limo.

On the stand, Holmes said he heard King tell someone on his cell phone, This (expletive) black guy won t let me in the car.

The body guard said he pushed King with an open hand to get him away, but never struck him.

King went down and hit a pillar with his head and ended up in the hospital.

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