CYPRESS, Texas -- A Cypress woman is devastated and confused after robbers ransacked her apartment and stole everything in sight, including her 6-year-old son s piggy bank.

It happened Thursday around 10:30 a.m. at the Stonegate Villas Apartments located at 11111 Grant Road in Cypress.

The woman, who didn t want to be named, said it started with a knock at her door. She wasn t expecting anybody and didn t recognize the man when she looked through her peep hole.

I asked who is it? They said they are coming from maintenance, she explained.

She said the man s shirt had the property management logo on it so she opened up.

Suddenly, a second man appeared and both of them stormed inside her first story unit.

They closed my mouth and eyes, tied me up, put me on the bed and tied my hand, she recalled.

She quickly found herself hogtied and blindfolded. She said the men kept asking for money, but she didn t have any.

I said, I don t keep any cash at home, but they found my son s piggy bank, she said. They told me not to scream and to cool down and listen to what they re telling me so they will not hurt me.

The men not only stole her child s piggy bank but also electronics, jewelry and a sacred Hindu wedding necklace that she never took off.

She managed to break free after the men escaped and called her husband at work.

She started weeping. She was crying loud. I asked her what happened. She said someone barged in. I immediately said, I m on my way, said the husband.

Residents at the Cypress complex claim there has been an alarming string of break-ins in recent months. However, this is the first home invasion that residents are aware of.

It happened to her. It can happen to me also one day. I live alone with my kid. If this happens, what will I do, questioned Liz, a neighbor at the complex.

Harris County Sheriff s Office confirms it is investigating this most recent incident.

Property management sent out an email after Thursday s home invasion. It informed residents that the maintenance team has been instructed to identify themselves in a certain way when knocking.

The complex also plans to include a photograph of a particular employee on work order forms.

According to the email that went out to residents, there has been a wave of burglaries targeting the Indian and South Asian population nationwide .

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