HARRIS COUNTY, Texas If home is where the heart is, then Gary Manley s heart is broken in more ways than one. On the eve of his open heart surgery he doesn t have a pillow to rest his head on, although he is first to admit that it wasn t much to begin with.

Last week, two trees clobbered Manley s mobile home in northeast Harris County during the storm. The 67-year-old retiree was not hurt, but his heart was left broken.

This tore my life apart and I don t have a place to go, Manley said.

He has no transportation, he lives here by himself, Joseph Jones, Manley s friend said.

Jones helped Manley move in with his five dogs five years ago. He also takes Manley to doctor appointments many mornings.

It s all that he has and whenever you get a chance, I want you to turn this camera around and look over by that refrigerator. That s his bathroom, you know, Jones said. He barely manages, and then to be devastated like this, it s hard.

Manley survives with his beloved dogs on a fixed monthly income of only $700. Moving, for him, simply is not an option.

I can t go to the old folks home, because they won t take my dogs. My dogs ain t going nowhere, Manley said.

He is also too proud to ask for help.

I don t need to be out there begging nobody to help me, because they didn t do this, he said. I m going to have to make it. I don t have a choice.

Manley is expected to be hospitalized for at least a week after undergoing heart surgery. The good news is that some people have come forward and are paying to have the trees removed, but he is still in need of assistance. It was uncertain of what would become of his broken home.

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