SAN ANTONIO -- A single mother who pushed her two children out of the path of a car last week is giving life to her neighbor as an organ donor.

The incident took place in the 4000 block of Culebra Wednesday. A small memorial now stands where Sharon Rojas, 28, lost her life.

She was helping her kids off to school when a car hit her and her two children. She died on Thursday.

Rojas' grandmother, Josie Inouye, said Rojas had a passion about life and saving lives. That's why Rojas became an organ donor.

No only saving her kids, but you know giving life to other people by my daughter donating her organs, like she wanted, Inouye said.

Inoyue's longtime neighbor and family friend Daniel Govea received a gift of life from Sharon. He's still in the hospital, the recipient of Rojas' kidney.

Oh I think that was wonderful, you know, that my daughter had him in her mind and thought about him first because he was real sick and you know the waiting list, Inouye said. We're very happy for him that he got a second chance at life. Even though it's tragic that we lost our granddaughter.

A rosary is planned for Rojas Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Ortiz Mortuary at 3114 Culebra Road.

Her funeral is Wednesday.

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