SAN ANTONIO -- The school bus that was left barricaded into the side of a home on Ft. Sam Houston Friday evening has been removed; the children who were transported to the hospital have been released and are expected to be OK.

The wreck happened Friday afternoon, at the corner of Garden Avenue and Harney Road.

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Post officials said engineering crews removed the bus around 1 a.m. Saturday morning. Structural engineers were on the scene to shore up the home before the entire quarter-length of the bus could be removed from the home's kitchen.

Seven people were inside the military home at the time of the collision. A child inside was injured and had to be treated.

The bus was carrying 25 elementary-aged children, a substitute teacher and the bus driver. Two children who sustained minor injuries and the bus driver were transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center in stable condition.

The bus driver told authorities the brakes went out, causing the bus to go out of control and eventually strike the house.

The family living at the home was moved to a temporary home until another residence is available.

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