SEATTLE -- Inside a Central District consignment shop called Two Big Blondes, a bride-to-be came across a rare bargain.

Shop owner Lisa Michaud witnessed it last week.

My jaw dropped. I couldn t believe it, said Michaud.

Shannon Sellentin, a mom of three about to marry a father of two, found herself face-to-face with the one, the dress.

The length and the hemming and everything was perfect, said Sellentin.

She tried on the gown inside the consignment shop, and a complete stranger spoke to her.

She said you look beautiful in that dress. I can see the love and joy in you, recalled Sellentin.

As Shannon kept shopping the woman who offered the kind words made her way toward the counter and clerk Marshonne Walker.

This customer just shows up and is like, 'I couldn t find anything that I wanted, but I would love to pay for this woman s wedding dress,' said Walker.

She walked out the door, didn t want any of the credit or applause, which obviously she deserves, said owner Michaud.

The discounted dress cost $100. Michaud delivered the good news to Sellentin.

She said, 'the woman in front of you just purchased your dress for you.' I had been laid off about a month before, and it was just the most incredible thing to have happen, said Sellentin. It was one of the most gracious gifts I have ever received in my life.

Sellentin tried to find out who the mystery woman was through the consignment shop, but the owner does not know the customer's name.
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