HOUSTON -- A man found guilty of murder in a crash that killed a Baytown teen and badly injured another has been sentenced to 37 years in prison.

Shannon Chauncey faced from five years to life in prison.

Prosecutors said Chauncey and Jennifer Jenkins were shoplifting last year and took off in a pickup when officers tried to arrest them. They ended up crashing into a car carrying two teens. The impact killed 16-year-old Shawn Williams. His friend Shay Hollingshead survived, but suffered severe burns and brain damage.

Chauncey was charged with murder, evading arrest, tampering with a witness and a parole violation.

Jenkins, his suspected accomplice, testified against him.

A lawsuit against the Baytown Police Department is still pending. The families of the teenage victims said officers put their sons in danger by chasing a man wanted for shoplifting.

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