WEBSTER, Texas Police in Webster are investigating how an infant ended up dead inside a trash can.

The baby was discovered Friday night inside a bathroom at a Goodwill store in the 20800 block of the Gulf Freeway.

Police are talking to the woman who may be the baby s mother, but no charges have been filed. They are waiting on the result of an autopsy to determine whether the child was born or miscarried.

A spokesman for the Webster Police Department said it could be up to four weeks before the results become available.

The result could mean the difference between abandonment charges versus the improper disposal of a body for the mother.

The disturbing discovery was made by an employee who entered the store s bathroom to clean it. She told investigators she noticed blood on the floor and then realized a child was in the trash when she went to remove the bag.

The store was open Saturday, as some customers were deeply concerned.

There s just all kinds of things that it could be and you know if it was just an accident, and they were traumatized, they might not have known what to do at the time, shopper Pat Helber said.

She said it would not affect her decision to come to the store in the future.

A spokesperson for Goodwill said she would not comment on the matter, since it was part of an ongoing investigation.

Little is known about the infant, including gender. Little is also known about the mother, including whether she was an employee at the store or a customer.

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