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HOUSTON People living in the Heights are dealing with a man and his accomplice captured on surveillance video stealing a bike.

He was doing this over here, trying to see through the cracks in the window, said Sharon Kittinger, a victim.

He came creeping and had a bolt cutter flung on like it was an M16 or something, said Michael Mendez, another victim.

They were looking to steal bikes and other lawn furniture. The two victims shared the same story. Kittinger s son s bike was stolen from her East 19th Street home in the Heights earlier this week.

We just thought there is no way somebody wants to steal a lady s pink bike from late 80s early 90s, she said.

Mendez bike was stolen a few days before that from his Byrne Street home.

I was just like, Oh my goodness. They stole my bike, and I wasn t real happy about it. It was antique. We had gotten from one of our friends, he said.

They both say the bikes aren t worth much at all and probably only useful to them.

This is a piece of crap bike. It s just being used for my son to get back and forth to work. It s a women s bike and it s pink, she said.

Every morning, I get up to go exercise, and I take the bike. We go to the park, talk to the homeless and feed them, Mendez said.

The both said they feel violated and unsure of what is next.

Part of the Heights feel, we all sit out, when the weather is nice. My son brings his guitar out she said.

If they asked me, I would ve given them the bike, they didn t have to steal it. We can work something out, you can use it at night, I ll use it during the day or something, Mendez said.

In the meantime, neighbors will be watching out for one another.

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