PASADENA, Texas On the surface, things seem pretty calm in Pasadena. But recent break-ins at houses all over town have people in a number of neighborhoods on edge.

According to police, a total of three houses have been hit so far during the month of August and authorities believe the same person is responsible.

A neighbor snapped a photo of someone who appeared suspicious and police were urging anyone with information to contact them.

One victim who lives on Pansy Street said he had just left home to grab a bite to eat and returned to find that his back door had been kicked in.

There are always people like that, said Corey Wells. People are going to do that wherever you live.

Wells said his neighbor chased the man in the photograph away.

Police think the same guy broke into another home on Green Meadows, stealing a television set and other expensive electronics.

They also think the suspect struck a house on Sinclair.

Each of the break-ins has occurred during the afternoon hours.

I just hope nobody gets hurt if they happen to be home when they do it, added Wells.

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