HOUSTON -- The baby boy abandoned at a fire station on Monday lived less than a mile away.

KHOU 11 News found the mother's home and her boyfriend said she was in the hospital but wouldn't tell us why.

He said that she has been acting strange since giving birth nearly 8 months ago and lied to him the day she dropped him off.

He said the baby's mother told him that she dropped the child off with his real father. The boyfriend pieced the story together after watching the news and recognized his clothing and stroller.

A source close to the story said the mother told the judge that she dropped the baby off at the fire station because she was afraid she might stab him.

The boyfriend doesn't know for sure if he is the father of the infant but told us that he's attached to the baby and wants him back.

On Thursday, he took a paternity test.

Someone's been doing a good job taking care of him, said Estella Olguin with CPS. Actually, if she recognized that she couldn't take care of him and leaving him in a safe place, at least that was the right thing to do.

The little boy, who turns 8-months-old on Friday, is now out of the hospital and in foster care until paternity is sorted out.

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