HOUSTON -- International passengers are dissatisfied with the longer customs lines and delays at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Many critics argue that the customs budget and staffing aren t adequate enough for all the travelers, especially since international travel has increased greatly. Bush IAH isn t the only airport dealing with longer customs lines.

Recently at Dallas-Fort Worth international Airport, passengers arriving from overseas waited for four hours.

We are asking people to call their congressman to say hey, this is important, said DFW Airport spokesperson David Magana.

A woman shot cell phone video on July 12 at Bush IAH, and she said the wait was over two hours.

Bush IAH processes close to 60 percent of all international passengers traveling to and from the United States.

According to the airport, 71 percent of them were processed in 30 minutes or less in 2012.

Sometimes it s 45 minutes, said limousine driver Antonita Gaston. The most I waited was three hours.

On Monday, wait times for passengers going through customs ranged from a few minutes to over an hour, according to passengers.

The airport system plans to implement automatic kiosks this fall to reduce wait times.

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