HOUSTON -- A crook robbed a cell phone store owner and took the owner's gun and personal car.

The incident happened at 3 p.m. in the 7200 block of N. Shepherd Drive.

Surveillance video showed the crook walk in cool and calm.

He pretended he was looking for a phone then eventually pulled a gun from his pocket.

I told him you want the cash, said owner Naeem Akhtar. I have a little bit just take it and leave.

After cleaning out the register, the crook forced Akhtar to the back room and onto the floor.

He just told me to lay down and don't stand up, Akhtar said. If you stand up, I will shoot.

The video also showed the suspect going back to the counter and pulling a bag out of his pocket. He filled it with thousands of dollars worth of tablets and cell phones.

After that, he took my gun, Akhtar said. He took the car keys and he just left.

Akhtar kept a gun under the counter near his keys. The crook snatched both and stole his Toyota Camry as well.

We're working hard right here, Akhtar said. We're trying to make a little money.

It's a tough loss to handle for the family that opened the T-Mobile store less than two months ago.

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