HOUSTON -- Second Defense Alliance is a monthly membership that helps gun owners cover expenses just in case they are forced to shoot a bad guy in their house in self-defense.

Gun owner Chad Waligura joined.

You could be the victim. You could be the hero. You could be the one that everyone is coming after. You just never know, Waligura said.

Second Defense Alliance offers up to $50,000 for a lawyer, counselors, medical costs and even cleanup.

Police who fire in the line of duty have a built in support system of lawyers and counseling -- so does the military.

The membership is only $10 each month.

If you are a gun owner, you can afford $10 a month for protection, Waligura said.

The alliance has about 3,000 members around the country so far. However, the protection is limited. It only covers home invasions inside the home. It does not extend to the property line.

Visit their website for more information on home invastion protection.

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