SEALY, Texas -- A mother from Sealy is upset after seeing video showing a day care worker splashing water on her son s face.

The video shows a worker at A Child s Place day care standing over a sleeping 4-year-old boy with a large bowl in her hand.

A few seconds later the woman scoops water onto Connor Johnson s face.

He wakes up crying while other children are laughing.

The video was shot by another child at the daycare, and it is being shared on several social media sites. You don t do that to kids, said Johnson s mother Rachel Pfeffer. There s no excuse.

We took immediate action. We do not condone the action of the employee, said Jim Turnbull, owner of the daycare. The employee has been suspended pending the investigation not only by the daycare but also state licensing.

Turnbull said he reported the incident to state authorities.

Pfeffer said state investigators have found 79 deficiencies at the daycare in the past 2 years.

Another parent praised the daycare.

I ve never had an issue, said Darla Meader.

Former employee Georgia Hinze said everything has been blown out of proportion.

But the child s family remains irate.

I was so angry, said Haleigh Meyer, Johnson s sister.

Pfeffer said she s no longer taking her kids to the daycare and also called state authorities to report the incident.

Investigators told KHOU 11 News they will be going back to the center to figure out why a child s face was splashed with water

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