HOUSTON -- Just yards from the dull roar of traffic on the southwest freeway, Starbucks customers experienced a jolt they weren t expecting, and it had nothing to do with coffee.

All I could think was get the hell out of the way, said Chris Kelly, who was meeting with coworkers for coffee. I didn t want to be in front of a gun. The guy shot him, and it was two feet from a very good friend s head, you know?

It was two in the afternoon, and witnesses say two young men got into an altercation just outside the store window.

I heard these two guys slam against the wall, said Roland Barber. As I turn around I see the gentleman pull out the weapon.

They bounced up against the door, and the guy turned around and shot him, Kelly said.

The suspect shoots him in the leg, drops his gun, takes a few steps, walks right back, grabs the gun and heads east away from Starbucks, Johnson said.

Johnson went out to apply pressure to the wound until paramedics arrived. He said that s when the victim told him what sparked the altercation. Something he still finds hard to believe.

He said it was a Craigslist transaction over a $30 dollar phone, Johnson said. A good guy who was just in a bad situation.

The victim was transported to Memorial Herman Southwest with a gunshot wound to his thigh. His injury isn t thought to be life threatening. The suspect fled the scene in a green Honda Accord.

I would never in my life do it again, Kelly said. I would never sell anything on Craigslist or meet some stranger.

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