HOUSTON Houston police are investigating after two men wereattacked in a west Houston apartment complex by possibly the same suspects early Wednesday.

Both victims were targeted in the parking lot of the Westchase Ranch Resort Apartments around 3:30 a.m.

Jaime Cuellar feels lucky to be alive. After working the late shift at a hotel, Cuellar went to see his girlfriend at the apartment complex, but as he was walking to his car to go home, a man followed him.

He said, Do you have some change? And then I just closed the door. He tried to open the door and he just started shooting at me, Cuellar said.

Cuellar drove to a nearby restaurant and called for help.

Around the same time, police were receiving another call about another victim in the area.

They emptied my pockets, took everything out and, ahh, put a gun to my head, said Mike Rosen.

Rosen said two men robbed him in the same apartment parking lot. Police think the crimes may be related.

Luckily, neither victim was seriously hurt. Rosen has a bruise on his forehead and Cuellar has cuts on his arms from the flying glass. He said he s lucky the bullets missed him.

He shot at the window, then he walked around and shot at the window, Cuellar said. Shot one more time and, before he left, he shot my tire.

The apartment complex has several surveillance cameras. Investigators will be reviewing the video to see if the suspects were caught on camera.

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