SEATTLE -- A West Seattle marathon mom refused to be a victim when she spotted a man stealing her husband's bicycle from her garage on June 6, 2013.

Long-distance runner Sarah Tatterson was ready to go the distance to catch the would-be burglar.

It was on instinct, a primal instinct of justice really, said Tatterson, who continued to chase the man after he ditched the bike.

I'm running and screaming, 'Call 911. This man's trying to steal my bike,' said Tatterson.

Three neighbors heard her screams and called police.

Nearly 10 blocks from her house police arrived and arrested the suspect.

During the chase, the man asked Tatterson to back off but she refused.

My response to him was, 'Look I was going to run six miles today, but I could probably do twelve,' she said.

The West Seattle Blog broke this story of the marathon mom who was not afraid to catch a thief.

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