AUSTIN, Texas Austinites no longer have to make the trek to the San Marcos or Guadalupe rivers to float down the waterway.

They are discovering free-flowing water in the Colorado River in Southeast Austin, tucked between the city's Roy Guerrero Park on the south and a small business district and the Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary on the north.

With the exception of the occasional airplane sighting, this is a serene patch of the river, virtually untouched by man... and unheard of by most Austinites.

In addition to the water sports, they offer fishing. This past Memorial Day, the Walkers started East Side Tubes, offering one-mile tube rides down the river.

As news of this secret stretch of river gets out, the challenge becomes preserving this clear, pristine flow of water, but it's something Dan Walker owner of Moc Kayaks and East Side Tubes says he's already doing.

We've had to take our own resources; we work with Keep Austin Beautiful, which is a great organization; and we hold river clean-ups about once a month, which is a pretty large scale one; and we keep this river clean, Walker said.

Walker even offers incentives for customers who bring in trash they see on the river, trying to ensure that as the secret gets out, the river remains the same.

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