HOUSTON A newly released 911 call gives a glimpse into the moments before a man shot and killed his neighbor in southeast Houston.

Hello 911, the operator says.

Yes, we have a crazy person at our home, the man could be heard saying to the operator.

The man, who called 911, was talking about Brian Smith, his neighbor in the exclusive Timber Cove subdivision.

The man said Smith was trespassing and lunged at him.

In the 911 call the man can be heard warning Smith just before a shot was fired.

Neighbor: I will shoot your ass. I will shoot your ass.

911 Operator: OK sir do you have a weapon? Sir, sir, hello? Hello?

Neighbor: Yes

911 Operator: Do you have a weapon?

Neighbor: Yes

911 Operator: OK is it on you?

Neighbor: Yes.

911 Operator: OK, can you go back in your house?

Neighbor: No, I ve already shot him.

911 Operator: What?

Neighbor: I ve already shot him.

Smith s sister said he was just out walking his dog.

A grand jury will decide if the neighbor should face charges.

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