HOUSTON-- Male strippers are getting more attention lately, thanks to the hit movie Magic Mike and a recently released book written by a Houston dancer.

But there s a lot more to these men than what s on stage.

The job requires a buff body, good looks, a little rhythm and someone who loves to turn heads.

I get propositioned every day walking down the street, Malcolm Houston said with a laugh.

The men said they have the best job in the world.

Taylor Cole just wrote a book called Take it Off: The Naked Truth about Male Dancers.

Here s one truth, they definitely have a favorite type of customer.

Rich ones, Cole said with a laugh.

Male strippers said on a slow night, they make a couple hundred dollars and on a good night, about $1,000.

Most of the guys have day jobs. This is a lucrative side gig.

I do this part time and then I work as a gym fitness instructor as well, said John.

Another dancer said he is studying to become an architect.

It pays the bills, helps me through school, said Trey Bay-Bay.

Yes, the job is a grind literally but the men say it also involves a lot of tenderness.

A hug is always good, you know, I ll give out hugs. It doesn t bother me. If you want to come over, touch my hair. (Just) don t pull it, said Malcolm Houston.

Another truth about the job, they say, are.....

Hook-ups, said Mora. They re good looking guys. They get approached and they find girls there they can date or go out with once in a while.

Yes, male strippers frequently date women who come to their shows.

We get girls who come in here that want to talk. We get girls that come in here that actually want to see a show. We get girls that come in here that are like lonely and we fill a void for them, said Lorenzo.

The liaisons with the ladies are not always casual either. One performer said he met his long-time girlfriend in the club.

And we re actually expecting a little girl here on August 13, John said.

What about notions that many of the male dancers are gay? They say not hardly, but surprisingly, they told us lots of straight guys dance in gay clubs.

Yeah, because men pay, men have more money, Mora said.

Patrons said all they really care about is a chance to live their fantasies.

You just forget about your problems for a while, said Estella Nieva.

Mora, a veteran dancer and husband and father, feels there s so much demand in Houston that he just brought his Hunk-O-Mania male revue to Houston s Club SoHo.

It s a classier show, he said.

And that seems to be the key word for these men. It s a show, a performance, and a job they are happy to do night after night.

I love being on stage and I love entertaining. And this is a great way to entertain. What s better than being in front of 500 to a 1,000 to 2,000 screaming women. It s awesome, Mora said.

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