MANOR, Texas -- President Barack Obama arrived in Austin Thursday with a busy schedule.

He started by meeting with hundreds of students as part of his Middle Class Jobs andOpportunity tour. The president began speaking to students at Manor New Tech School around 1:30 p.m.

He began by saying Howdy Manor. Go Titans!

The president chose this school because the students are learning real-world skills to fill jobs that are available now. He is expected to announce a new proposal to kick-start a network of 15 manufacturing innovation institutes across the country, similar to Manor New Tech. He will need Congress to approve the $1 billion investment.

Folks around here are doing something right, andI think the rest of the country can learn from what you're doing because I've always believed that the best ideas usually don't start inWashington, they trickle up to Washington. So I've come to listen and learn and highlight some of the good work that's being done, the president told the crowd after praising big tech companies for expanding inthe Austin area.

As you can see my first stop was Manor New Tech. And the reason is because our economy can't succeed unless our young people have the skills that they need to succeed and that's what's happening here, President Obama said.

About 330 students were in attendance, along with teachers, principals and other students from the 11 other Manor ISD campuses. Those students were bused in from Manor High School due to the security sweep. Everyone was thoroughly searched and padded down.

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For information on road closures and bus detours click here.

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