HOUSTON Pasadena police have identified a suspect in the murder of a man whose body was found wrapped in a blue tarp last year.

Investigators said Leopoldo Calles is still on the run, but he has been charged with murder in the death of Houston resident Jose Hernandez.

Police said they found Hernandez s body next to a dumpster in a parking lot located in the 4600 block of East Nasa Parkway on Friday, August 17.

The body appeared to have been there for a while, according to authorities.

The medical examiner s office confirmed that the victim died of sharp force injuries of the abdomen and head.

Hernandez's family members said he was last seen wtih Calles, who they know as Pollo. They said Hernandez and Calles had gotten into a verbal altercation over money a few months prior to the victim's death.

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