KINGWOOD -- A Splendora woman is sharing her story about what happened on date night with her husband in Kingwood Thursday night.

The McGuire's went to an evening showing of Olympus Has Fallen.

Nickii McGuire had to make a restroom run mid-movie. That's when she saw a suspicious man walk into the Showbiz Cinema on Northpark Drive near Highway 59.

I instantly got an unsettling feeling just looking at the man, said Nickii McGuire. He had this bulge underneath the jacket on the left side and you could tell he was using this arm to cup and hold it.

She kept watching and eventually spotted a gun.

There's a million things that run through your mind right at that moment, said McGuire. When you're put in a situation that you have no control over.

She called out for a manager and reported what she saw.

People are nervous and I think they have a right to be nervous, said Showbiz coordinator Ted Mandel.

Mandel says an officer at the theater found the patron and frisked him.

The cop found the guy and checked that he had a concealed handgun license and escorted him out of the building, Mandel said. The guy was quite embarrassed because knew the rules he didn't mean to have the pistol.

No police report was filed, but McGuire said the officer also found a knife on the man and she questions what his real intentions could have been.

We live in a scary world, said McGuire. A world that makes you wanna become a hermit because you don't know you never know.

11 News Tiffany Craig asked, Do you think you're a little paranoid?

When asked if she was being a little paranoid, McGuire said, Oh yeah, now I am. I told my husband that I couldn't go to sleep last night.

Theater officials said the man had nothing illegal on him, so he wasn't ticketed or arrested. His name was not released.

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