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HOUSTON -- Police said two drivers were detained for questioning following an early-morning crash involving a Houston Police Department patrol car.

The crash happened in the northbound lanes of the North Freeway near Aldine Bender Road, according to HPD.

Police said an officer with a K-9 in his car stopped a pickup truck for running a stop sign on the nearby frontage road. About three minutes into the stop, a car speeding by on the freeway struck the back of the patrol car, pushing it into the pickup truck. The second driver s car flipped onto its side.

Both the officer and his dog were in the patrol car at the time of the collision, but neither was injured. The drivers in the other vehicles made it out okay as well.

Right now, based upon the damage, it seems he was going a little fast, said Officer Luke Tram. We don t know if it was because of the high rate of speed or if he just didn t see it and just crashed into it.

Anthony Adam Garcia, the 29-year-old driver who hit the patrolcar, waslater charged with DWI.

No charges have been filed against the first driver who was pulled over.

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